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Our planet has about 1.384 million of cubic kilometers of water, but only 36 of them are potable water. Water gives life and it is a vital element, and I have chased water for more than three decades using my faithful Rollei 6006, traveling with me to more than 30 countries, in three continents, having all the hustles of passing a lot of gear through customs, and avoiding the x-rays that damage the film.

On an early age I started painting, influenced by Vincent Van Gogh. I’m an admirer of Ansel Adams work, and have followed his technique, but I have developed my own color version, specially related to water. And during a period of time, using technology, I entered the grounds of the Sabattier Effect, photographs that can be seen under the tab “Solarized”, which are made by digital Solarization.

My favorite places are National Parks, where I capture the images on 6x6 film (slides/B&W). After processing, all my work is digitalized at a very high resolution for cleaning, conservation and processing purposes, I do not change or correct the contents of an image.

In order to enjoy and obtain the feeling of these photographs, you should view them listening rock music, maybe: ELP, Yes, Pink Floyd or Spock’s Beard and a glass of wine.

Gonzalo Contreras del Solar

Curriculum vitae

*The author at Grey Glacier - Chile. By Rebecca Armstrong, a friend.

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